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2012 Technology year in review
December 27, 2012
Another year, another iPhone. More surprisingly, Apple fans were tempted with not just one new iPad, not two, but three, including the latest mini-sized tablet. Microsoft was set to close 2012 on a big note but missed the mark.
The global economy is uncertain at best, travel is a hyper-competitive landscape with new services and products are launching daily and the travel consumer becoming ever more savvy, fickle and demanding. In this environment how can travel companies possibly survive, let alone thrive?
The lack of standards, a push towards virtual cards to simplify the payment process and the role of technology in reducing complexity are among the challenges facing the global travel industry.
The power of the mobile interface can drive more business from existing services through greater access to the guest. But it is still early days and hotel firms can go much further to tap the emerging opportunities.
The development process for mobile apps has several phases and the travel industry has gained a fair understanding of how processes work. But while the app developed may look slick, and might deliver on various counts (such as speed, efficiency and simplicity) during the testing phase, it may still not translate to hard sales.
For years the travel industry has talked about the customer experience. But often the customer seems to believe that our main aim is to deliver a ‘grab as much cash as we can experience’. Of course we are all in this business to make money but that should not be at the expense of the customer experience.
To ensure the best possible yield for hotel partners, online travel agencies (OTAs) must ensure that they are compatible with most of the key channel management solutions. At the same time they must aim to increase accommodation choices for travellers.
Increase in Mobile Bookings
October 04, 2012
According to industry insiders, mobile booking apps typically generate between 0.5 per cent and two per cent of total airline bookings in any given month, as compared to web bookings that can generate between 10 per cent and 90 per cent of total bookings in a given month depending on the market and the airline’s network.
In a shocking reversal of common sense, sorry, revelation of the obvious, a recent survey found that 94% of travelers using online travel sites want all airline fee information freely available to them in the online booking process.
Innovation in Online Travel
September 25, 2012
I agree that OTAs are not a replacement for human beings (that is why each has deployed a call center for support), but for routine trips they do perform well. Quoting the appropriate ancillary fees is an industry problem that is being worked on by ARC, the GDS and the airlines to simplify the online quote process.
Voice response is not a new concept. Consumers interact with voice response on a daily basis often with less than perfect results. Whether it is your car’s GPS or an automated voice at your favorite airline,
The Web created a new era of transparency for the travel process. Supplier sites, Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and meta-search engines suddenly removed the mystery behind travel pricing providing consumers with instant access to travel prices and schedules. This transparency has reshaped all sectors of the industry.
Marketing research doesn’t always apply to you—collect the pieces and take their advice…. then take your own advice. Having a mentor gives you someone to look up to. With eyes glossy and wide with admiration, you decide what you like about each of your mentors and try to instill those positive bits into your character. You follow the words of Regina Spektor and “take the things you like, and try to love the things you took.”
A friendly-user travel website is the key to ensure a client will search AND book on your website rather than on a competitor one.
Online search engines continue to dominate the travel industry with two out of three leisure travellers...
Don't slow down, 2011 is already here. The Boot has six predictions for 2011. Three things will live and thrive and three things will wither and die:
Do people come to your site and then immediately leave? Then you’ve got a bounce rate problem. Here’s how to go about tackling it.
Travel Market Report spoke with executives from three hotel chains to find out how hotel chains and individual properties work to cement the agent-client-hotel relationship to create a loyal following.
Arabian Travel Market is the travel and tourism event that gives exposure to business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.
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